Raspberry Pi + Spotify server + WLAN = Love

by joakimtroeng

Who don’t want to setup a minimal platform playing streamed music from the internet and controlled by their

Prerequisites: Spotify Premium
Used HW: Raspberry Pi Mod B, D-Link DWA-125, “random stereo with 3.5mm tele input”
Used SW: Pi Musicbox 0.3, Droid MPD Client 1.4, SSH-Client (i.e. Putty)


  1. Mount SD-card according to guide: http://elinux.org/RPi_Easy_SD_Card_Setup
  2. Connect all connections (LAN, WLAN adapter, SD-card then power) and power up.
  3. SSH in to the unit (root:musicbox, change this password!!) and edit /boot/config/settings.ini accordingly, thereafter set a better startup volume in the alsamixer.
  4. Reboot+reconnect and see that WLan adapter is connected and if stupid occurs, write down IP. Reboot without LAN.
  5. Connect to http://musicbox.local (use IP if this fails) or MPD weapon of choice.

To do in the future:

  1. See if lag can be removed by switching to quicker SD-card (maximum 25MB/s on the raspberry side) or boot from USB stick: http://jonathanmh.com/boot-raspberry-pi-from-a-usb-stick/
  2. Learn MPD Droid or find a different MPD Client.
  3. Find/buy a nice box for the complete package.

Big shoutout to Wouter van Wijk for packaging of Pi Musicbox: http://www.woutervanwijk.nl/pimusicbox/